Why would someone need a credit card?


why would someone need a credit card

Asked on July 9, 2019 in Finance.
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    endless possibilities and reason to open, use, and only use credit for everything…those who say otherwise simply don’t trust themselves or are too irresponsible to reep the benefits of them.
    having a credit card: builds credit allowing the individual endless possiblities when coming to financing cars, school, or home loans…all while reeping the benefit of a lower interest rate which equals huge savings over a lifetime for good credit users.
    reason for using the card for every purchase: rewards! there are various credit cards which allow you to earn free money just by using the card…the incentive for them is they are hoping you will be irresponsible and not pay the balance every month…but assuming you stay mature and responsible and pay the balance every month on time no interest for you, and free money in the form of cash, rebates, or gift cards…depending on the card. look for a card with no annual fee and no rewards/points limit~
    this advise and “awe” of credit cards is not to be taken lightly…for the incentives are there in hopes a profit will be made off of you…you’ll fall on hard times, forget to make the payment..but assuming you don’t fall behind and don’t forget you are the one who benefits..not the credit card companies. if you find you spend more with the card than with cash…stop using immediately as well, but if you are a good shopper/spender and only buy regardless of form then you’re only helping yourself to more extras…
    good luck hope this helps!

    Answered on July 9, 2019.
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